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(i)Hatcheries can provide food sources to carnivorous fish, enabling their continued supply.
(ii)Hatcheries allow for the replenishment of fish in sea waters.
(iii)The process of running fish hatcheries is very labor-intensive.
(iv) Hatcheries protect aquatic species from disappearing from ecosystems.

(i)Raceways offer a much greater ability to observe the fish.
(ii)Raceways can be easily built in series.
(iii)It is Less labour intensive to cleaning and feeding.
(iv)It allows for Easy monitoring of fish.

(i)Hatching through: for hatching eggs and holding larvae.
(ii)Happa: helps to control fouling of the net that can build up on the outside of the cage.
(iii)Syringe: for vaccination of fishes.
(iv)Microscopes: are used to examine scrapes from the fish skin.
(vi)Aquarium tanks: they can provide a uniform culture environment for fishes.

(i)Cereal grains.
(ii)Protein meals.
(iii)feed additives.

(i)It can impact growth performance of fishes.
(ii)It can cause death of fishes.
(iii)Pond water becomes too warm.
(iv)The lower the concentration of dissolved oxygen,the greater the stress of aquatic life.


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