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Hand mating : This is the controlled mating in which the time and mating individual are selected by the breeder


Pen mating – This consist of one male with a selected group of females


Pasture mating: Uncontrolled mating within a flock or herd


– Pasture mating

(i) Decreased expenses for personal

(ii) Decreased breeding expenses

– Pen mating

(i) Less labour


– Hand mating

(i) Mating can be scheduled and confirmed

(ii) Hand breeding offers less risk to the stallion

3ai monogastric means having a stomach with only a single compartment swine,chicks and human beings are monogastic











Dystocia refers to abnormal or difficult birth. Causes include maternal factors (uterine inertia, inadequate size of birth canal) and/or fetal factors (oversized fetus, abnormal orientation as the fetus enters the birth canal). The condition occurs more commonly in certain breeds.


(i) Fodder is a type of animal feed or any agricultural foodstuff used specifically to feed domesticated livestock, such as cattle, rabbits.

(ii) Paddocking is where animals are placed in an enclosed area so that they can be graze and be trained.

(iii) Reseeding can be defined as the practice of cultivating the land or raising stock.

(iv) Stocking rate is the basic relationship between livestock and the forage resource.

(v) Natural pasture is usually on land unsuited to arable cropping because of stoniness, seasonal waterlogging, slope or a short growing season, or due to pattern of rainfall distribution or temperature.


(i) Tilapua fish

(ii) Heterobranchus

(iii) chrysichthyes

(iv) Nigrodigitatus

(v) Clarias


(i) They provide source of food and income.

(ii) Enhances the environment.

(iii) Provides area of relaxation while providing interaction and education


A monogastric organism has a simple single-chambered stomach.





Concentrate : A feed used with another to improve the nutritive balance of the total and intended to be further diluted and mixed to produce a supplement or a complete feed


Additive : An ingredient or combination of ingredients added to the basic feed mix or parts thereof to fulfil a specific need.


(i)it stimulates the muscles in the wall of the rumen to contract and expand,

(ii)for maintenance of normal hindgut function

(iii)for normal digestion

(iv)It contains lot of nutrients

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