Public Orientation Agency NOA Salary Structure

Public Orientation Agency NOA Salary Structure

In 2005, the National Orientation Agency( NOA) of Nigeria was set up. Some former objectives were set down in the Decree 100 of 1993. Directly from its foundation, the NOA has been more worried about issues identifying with communication in the country. That is not all, it intercedes in public discretionary issues just as wellbeing matters.

Dr. Mike Omeri was designated as the Director-General of the office in 2012. A new record uncovered that the NOA had the option to reach basically 63% of the populace in Nigeria.

National Orientation Agency Salary

The normal pay rate for National Orientation Agency is 79,922 Naira. This information is grouped by 3 workers from National Orientation Agency. The jobs incorporate Cash Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, Resource Mobilization Officer. The sex conveyance at National Orientation Agency dependent on compensation submitted is male(100%), female(0%), unspecified(0%).

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