CBN Salary Structure 2023

CBN Salary Structure 2023

CBN is one of the federal government agencies in Nigeria With a good salary structure. If you are aspiring to work with the central bank of Nigeria, you will probably want to know the CBN salary structure.

CBN workers are paid handsomely, as a way to avoid them from embezzling the government’s money.

Furthermore, the CBN salary structure differs based on the position, and your salary increases as your position moves further.

How Much is CBN’s salary?

It will be interesting to say that, the CBN branch manager earns a whopping amount of N732,0000 monthly. This N732,0000 monthly salary is exclusive of other allowances, which include clothing allowances, house, and provision allowances.

Furthermore, the credit analyst earns as high as #6470000 monthly. A credit analyst is among the top earners in CBN.

The loan officer earns a minimum of #573000 monthly excluding other benefits. This is just a start-off salary for a loan officer, as it will increase if they perform well, and their grade increases.

As an entry-level staff. You will earn a minimum of  #122000 monthly, aside from other benefits you will be entitled to. Working with CBN comes with a lot of benefits, aside from the salary alone.

However, the set of people who earns the least salary is the fresh graduate, as they don’t get paid more than #60000 monthly, however, will good conduct and good performance, they will obtain promotion and their salary will be increased.

More Information About CBN Salary Structure

We take responsibility to provide you with an accurate CBN salary structure, however, bear in mind that the salary is not static, they may increase or decrease based on the economic situation of the country.

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