NAFDAC Salary Structure

NAFDAC Salary Structure

In this post, we will look at the NAFDAC Salary Structure for both new staff and old staff depending on the grade level of the employee.

New Entry Level Employees earn lower than other experienced old workers, however, the amount of money earned by the new employees is expected to increase with promotion and years of work experience.

The estimated current salary earned by new entry workers of NAFDAC is between ₦ 70,000 to ₦ 90,000 per month after tax (excluding allowances).

A NAFDAC Staff on GL 7 salary structure is N1,073,217 per annum. That is about N89,434per month before pension and tax deductions.

Monthly Salary of a NAFDAC Staff

  1. NAFDAC’s salary structure is what most candidates who want to work in NAFDAC want in the first place before they apply.
  2. Like every other organization within the federal health ministry, NAFDAC employees receive pay using the CONRAISS salary scale.
  3. N1, 247, 854 per year is paid for a NAFDAC staff on GL 8. This is N103, 987 a month, without deductions from insurance and taxation.
  4. NAFDAC GL 7 employees receive N1, 073,217 salaries per year. It is roughly N89.434 each month without reductions for benefits or income.

Besides the regular salaries paid to workers of NAFDAC, they are entitled to specific allowances.

However, the higher you climb the ladder of your service, the greater your payment will be.

For more information, visit the NAFDAC website,

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