This article is about to reveal the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) Salary Structure.

This is to edify our perusers and the individuals who are keen on working at this national government foundation on the assessed month-to-month salary of laborers at this organization today. To discover more, do generously keep perusing along.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is the autonomous National Regulatory Authority for the media communications industry in Nigeria. This office is burdened with the obligation of establishing an empowering climate for sound rivalry among administrators in the business and furthermore guaranteeing the arrangement of subjective and productive media communications administrations all through the country.


Note: This information is gotten from staff underneath the Nigerians Communications Commission.

The compensation structure at a national government parastatal, for example, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is very much like what is realistic in a few other government organizations in the nation and this is subject to the grade level of their workers just as their instructive capabilities and long periods of involvement.

By and large, the section level month-to-month pay for newly selected laborers at the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) this 2021 is ₦120,000. These laborers are government employees and they are begun at grade level 8, from which they move gradually up the positions over the span of their vocation at the NCC. Recompenses and rewards can further develop this regularly scheduled installment essentially.

Nonetheless, the normal pay rate for Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is 339,307 Naira. This information is gathered by 4 workers from Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). The jobs incorporate Management Information System Officer, Information and Communication Technology Officer, Call Agent, and Head IT Service Management. The sexual orientation appropriation at Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in light of compensation submitted is male(75%), female(0%), unspecified(25%).

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