A sociologist is a person who studies society and social behavior by carefully looking into groups, organizations, cultures, and processes that can develop when people interact, work, and play together.

Their work is so numerous to mention which some are:

1. Collect data through surveys, observations, interviews, and other sources.

2. They examine the effect of social influences

3. They use both quantitative and qualitative methods to conduct research

4. They analyze and draw conclusions from data


Sociologist earning’s by seniority. For example,

1. Top_level Sociologist earning’s $68.16 per hour and $141,770 per year

2. Senior_Level Sociologist earning’s beginning at $52.16 per hour and 108,500 per year

3 Mid_Level Sociologist earning’s begin $40.10 per hour and 83,420 per year

4. Junior_Level Sociologist earning’s beginning $30.03 per hour and 62,460 per year

5. Starting Level Sociologist earning’s begins $22.56 per hour and 46,920 per year

The median annual wage for Sociologist is $83,420 in the United States Per year, while their wages start from $46,920 and goes up to $14

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