Industrial Training Fund ITF salary scale

Industrial Training Fund ITF salary scale

The Industrial Training Fund was set up in 1971 and its major goal is to work reliably and meticulously inside the setting of its empowering laws. The target for which the Fund was set up has been sought after enthusiastically and viably. In the forty years of its reality, the ITF has brought preparing cognizance up in the economy, however has additionally helped in producing a corps of gifted native labor which has been monitoring and overseeing different areas of the public economy.

Throughout the long term, in accordance with its legal obligation, the ITF has extended its designs, created preparing programs, evaluated its techniques, activities, and administrations to meet the growing, and changing requests for gifted labor in the economy.


The normal net compensation for Legal Officer at Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Nigeria is ₦210K. Compensation assessed from 1 worker

The normal compensations for Industrial Training Fund (ITF) are 144,637 Naira. This information is gathered by 8 workers from Industrial Training Fund (ITF). The jobs incorporate Accounting Data Analyst, Accountant, Confidential Secretary, Legal Counsel, Legal Officer, Recruitment Officer and so forth The sexual orientation appropriation at Industrial Training Fund (ITF) in view of pay submitted is male(37%), female(50%), unspecified(13%).

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