Jamb 2022 May 6th Questions

Jamb 2022 May 6th Questions

Jamb questions for today will be dropped here, as early as possible.


shina is not as old ___ we thought A. Like B. As
The words were; 1. Malevolence
2. August occasion 3. Complacent

4. Bogus
5. Repealed
6. Quick tempered 7. Nocturnal
8. Impertinence
9. Sagacity
10. Impregnable
11. Seldom
12. Invigorating opposite
Who introduced snail dish
How the habit know that tomiwa was not salma
What does it mean when someone gives generous to a fault Who are the two in the car
With salma
If we ____now what will you give me
A met
B meet
C meant
D met
Emphatic stress and stress on Reminiscence Under sentence interpretation
Hat trick
Put one’s house in order

Out of bounds
Generous to a fault
Cloze Passage
Reading, writing, etc skills Comprehension
Man and mosquito
Life changer
They ask how much was given to tomiwa to share with her friends They ask where they caught Zaki
For english
Rules of concord should be studied wella
Who is the hero in lion and the jewel
In China,the bat is symbol for happiness. Not for me.
Lakunle was against tradition
Baroka was against modernity
Which figure of speech was used
This poem that has to do with rage
Rage deprives you…..
Sesay oumar is from….
Caution is the first order of security..
Figure of speech?
Nii and Massa has been married for how many years.

Colonel redfern is unable to cope with the…? Past
Dominant figure of speech in caged bird ENGLISH
Who introduced the snail delicacy
How much did labaran give salma for her friends
Then how much was her personal money
Meaning of gospel truth
How much did Habib give Tomiwa
Then there was stress


Who was the head of palace Hausa/Fulani pre colonial administration Recruitment of legislative BLA BLA BLA was done by who
Security in the Igbo pre-colonial was by…
Age grades
How many states was created in 1996
The kind of election that the highest votes wins is what? They asked about the first name of the electoral commission

Mine was…which electoral commission conducted the 1979 election. Sovereignty is a characteristics of ___
They asked about monarch and Aristocracy, Feudalism, Common wealth, Hausa Authority
The first give political parties in second republic?
Demand and supply Elasticity of demand Money
1. Problems of computing national income using output method 2. Which is the oldest international trade theories
3. Definition of isoquant
4. Factors affecting supply
5. A rise in naira in relation to dollar is called what?? MATHEMATICS
1,Calculate the area of an equilateral triangle of side 8cm A. 8√3
B. 16
C. 4√3
D. 16√3

2,The pie chart shows the monthly expenditure of a public servant. The monthly expenditure on housing is twice that of school fees. How much does the worker spend on housing if his monthly income is ₦7200?
A. ₦1000 B. ₦2000 C. ₦3000 D. ₦4000
3,Approximate 0.9875 to 1 decimal place. A. 1.1
B. 1.0
C. 0.9
D. 0.10
4,Add 54 eightand 67eight
giving your answers in base eight A. 111
B. 121
C. 123
D. 143

B. 8
C. 16
D. 20

6,If X, Y can take values from the set (1, 2, 3 ,4), find the probability that the product of X and Y is not greater than 6
A. 58 B. 516 C. 12 D. 38
7,A trader realises 10x – x2
Naira profit from the sale of x bags of corn. How many bags will give him the maximum profit?
A. 7
B. 6
C. 5
D. 4
8,If y = 23five 101three
, find y, leaving your answer in base two A. 1110
B. 10111
C. 11101
D. 111100
9,Calculate the total surface area of a cupboard which measures 12cm by 10cm by 8cm A. 1920cm2
B. 592cm2
C. 296cm2

D. 148cm2
Correct Answer: Option B
10,Convert 0.04945 to two significant figures A. 0.040
B. 0.049
C. 0.050
D. 0.49
11,The probabilities that John and James pass an examination are 34 and 35 respectively. Find the probability of both boys failing the examination.
A. 110
B. 210
C. 920
D. 112
12, If the simple interest on a sum of money invested at 3% per annum for 212 years is N123, find the principal.
A. N676.50
B. N820
C. N1,640
D. N4,920
13,. A machine valued at N20,000 depreciates by 10% every year. What will be the value of the machine at the end of two years?
A. N16,200

B. N14,200
C. N12,000
D. N8,000
14. A boy walks 800m in 20 minutes. Calculate his average speed in Km/H A. 2.4
B. 4
C. 24
15,A car uses one litre of petrol for every 14km. If one litre of petrol cost N63.00, how far can the car go with N900.00 worth of petrol?
A. 420Km B. 405Km C. 210Km D. 200Km
16,Two sisters, Taiwo and Kehinde, own a store. The ratio of Taiwo’s share to Kehinde’s is 11:9. Later Kehinde sells 23 of her share to Taiwo for N720.00. Find the value of the store
A. N1,080.00 B. N2,400.00 C. N3,000.00
D. N3,600.00
17,. A room is 12m long, 9m wide and 8m high. Find the cosine of the angle which a diagonal of the room makes with the floor of the room
A. 1517 B. 917 C. 815

D. 127
18Divide the L.C.M of 48, 64 and 80 by their H.C.F A. 20
B. 30
C. 48
D. 60
19,Find the equation of the line through (5,7) parallel to the line 7x + 5y = 12 A. 5x + 7y = 20
B. 7x + 5y = 70
C. xy = 7
D. 15x + 17y = 90
20, A man’s initial salary is N540.00 a month and increases after each period of six months by N36.00 a month. Find his salary in the eight month of the third year.
A. N828.00
B. N756.00
C. N720.00
D. N684.00
21,Evaluate (2√3 – 4) (2√3 + 4)
A. -4
B. -2
C. 2
D. 4
22,Find the equation of the tangent at the point (2, 0) to the curve y = x2- 2x A. y = 2x – 4

B. y = 2x + 4
C. y = 2x – 2
D. y = 2x + 2
23,Evaluate log2 8 – log3 1919 A. -1 112
B. -1
C. 1
D. 5
24,Tanθ is positive and Sinθ is negative. In which quadrant does θ lies A. Second only
B. Third only
C. Fourth only
D. First and third only
Correct Answer: Option B
25,Given that Sin (5x− 28)o = Cos(3x − 50)o, Ox < 90o
Find the value of x A. 14o
B. 21o
C. 32o
D. 39o

Correct Answer: Option B
26,Find the average of the first four prime numbers greater than 10 A. 20
B. 19
C. 17
D. 15
27,If the mean of 4, y, 8 and 10 is 7. Find Y? A. 6
B. 10
C. 7
D. 9
28,Find the derivative of y = ( 13X + 6)
A. 2×33 – 2x + k
B. 23( 13X + 6)
C. 23( 13X + 6)2
D. 13( 13X + 6)2
29,In a school of 150 students, 80 offer French while 60 offer Arabic and 20 offer neither. How many students offer both subjects?
A. 45 B. 10 C. 35 D. 30

30, If the 2nd term of a G.P is 89and the 6th term is 412. Find the common ratio. A. 2
B. 32
C. 23
D. 3
31,The sum of the interior angles of a polygon is a given as 1080o. Find the number of
the sides of the polygon. A. 5
B. 7
C. 6
D. 8
32,If line p = 5x + 3 is parallel to line p = wx + 5. Find the value of w. A. 7
B. 3
C. 6
D. 5
33,Evaluate ∫(cos4x + sin3x)dx
A. sin4x – cos3x + k
B. sin4x + cos3x + k
C. 14sin4x – 13cos3x + k
D. 14sin4x + 13cos3x + k
34,Calculate the range of 20, -6, 25, 30, 21, 28, 32, 33, 34, 5, 3, 2, and 1. A. 32
B. 36

C. 33
D. 40
35,Calculate the perimeter of a sector of a circle of raduis 12cm and angle 60o. A. (12 + 4π
B. (24 + 4π)cm
C. (12 + 6π)cm
D. (24 + 6π)cm
36,Given U = {xx is a positive integer less than 15} and P = {xx is even number from 1 to 14}. Find the compliment
A. {1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15} B. {2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13}
C. {1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13}
D. {2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 15}
37,A number of pencils were shared out among Bisi, Sola and Tunde in the ratio of 2:3:5 respectively. If Bisi got 5, how many were shared out?
A. 15 B. 25 C. 30 D. 50
38,Calculate the perimeter of a sector of a circle of raduis 9cm and angle 36o. A. 18cm
B. (18 + 9π5)cm
C. (9 + 9π5)cm
D. 9π5cm

39,An arc subtends an angle of 30o at the centre of a circle radius 12cm. Calculate the length of the arc.
A. 6π
B. 2πcm
C. 3πcm
D. 9πcm
40, If a car travels 120km on 45 litres of petrol, how much petrol is needed for a journey
of 600km?
A. 720 litres
B. 160 litres
C. 225 litres
D. 960 litres


Kindly study your electrochemical series very well. 3 questions came out from it Types of Bonding, Solubility, Production of Salt
What will not react with oxygen to give acidic oxide A. Chlorine B. Phosphorus All metals are ___ the Answer is reducing agent
The final product of the oxidation of ethanol with K2Cr2O7 solution is?
In the food processing industry , the seperating techniques used for quantitative
analysis is?
Tin is extracted from cassiterite by?
The reaction of ethanoic acid and PCl5 will give?
How many neutrons are present in an atom of mass number 37 and atomic number 17
What volume of water added to 10dm-3 of a 2.0molar HCl solution to give a final solution of a 0.5moldm-3

What is the monomer of polyvinylchloride?
What is the property of all metals?
What is the mass of copper when 2F is passed through it?
What is the empirical formula of 69% carbon, 15.3% hydrogen and 30.7% oxygen? Polyvinyl chloride is made from
Find the number of neutrons if atomic number is 17 and mass number is 37.
H^+ + OH^- to give water is what type of reaction.
The addition of charcoal to filter bed in town water supply is for what purpose? Chemist organic compounds
Empirical formula
the percentage of gases in the air
Which if these gases give blue color to a bunsen flame.
A. H2S
B. So2
C. Hcl
D. Co2
H is an ionic compound in A. HCL B. Nah C. Ch4
which of these produces a pale blue flame of a bunsen burner
when hydrogen peroxide reacts with acidified kmno4 the purple colour changes to ? which of these is a monomer of poly vinyl chloride


In RLC circuit resonance occurs when ?

I choose XL = XC sha
What happens to the leaf of a gold leaf electroscope when the same charge is put on it? When a magnet is divided into two, what is formed?
Oxidation of filament is prevented by?
When saturated vapour pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure, what is that?
What is the slope of a velocity time graph?
Resonance in a R-L-C circuit is denoted by?
A gas of volume 546cm3 at 00c. Find the final volume if the temperature is -1000C?
The phenomena of capillarity is?
What is the property of wave that doesn’t change with medium?
How do you convert an a.c motor to d.c motor?… By changing?
What is the consequence of dispersion?
Charge carriers in p-type semi conductors are?
What is the formula for refractive index?
Two bodies moving with 210ms-1 and 220ms-1. What is their relative velocity?
An image of height 40cm is 30cm from a mirror. If the height of the image is 20cm, what is the distance of the image from the mirror ?
Find the energy dissipated in a circuit of 0.5A and 40V in 2 minutes
Which is a derived unit?… Newton
A resistance thermometer is 500 at ice point and 550 at steam point. What I the temperature at 535 ohms?
The cow of bashans would be condemned Abi rebuke By A chain

B rope
C scale
D flood
The book of Philemon teaches ——
In Paul’s teaching of justification by faith one can now what ——- Crs the questions are long in my head
The Dry bones Ezekiel saw signifies A joy of Israel
B hope of Israel
C peace
D faith of Israel
In matthews account the lord told his disciples to go to where ——-
Don’t rob people of their wages was said by who during the preaching of baptism. The ass he used for triumphant entry signifies
Kingship and humility
Humility and love
Humility and happiness
Humility and service.
What is the function of Petaloid sepals?
What is the plant characteristics of euglena?
What is the association between shark and remora fish? An example of carnivorous plant is?

What is the bone of the ear?….stirrup What is the process of urine formation? Lime water turning milky confirms the? Components of blood?
The urinogenital tract of a male ?
Who postulated the theory of use and disuse?
Movement in amoeba is through? Population
As more students write their exams. We would keep updating you all on the questions


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