5 (FIVE) Rules for Answering JAMB Exam Questions

5 (FIVE) Rules for Answering JAMB Exam Questions

Below are some of the tips for attempting and answering JAMB 2023 questions excellently

✅ Take your time to read and understand every question:

One of the things I noted about JAMB questions is that they usually look easy but they are actually complex. That is exactly why you must read and understand every question. If it is possible, take 20 minutes of the 45 minutes you have for every question to read and understand.

Don’t make the mistake of rushing into any question. JAMB is wise and that is why they make their questions that way. If you are in tension or fear before the examination, make sure you calm yourself down before entering your hall. If you fail to do this, you might make a lot of mistakes because you are unable to understand the questions.

Important notice:

If you know you will not be able to manage your time properly, please do not try the formula of spending 20 minutes reading one question. Just make sure you understand every question before you attempt._

✅ Skip questions you are not sure about:
If you are not sure about the answer to any question, don’t sit down and start wasting your time on that question. Remember that you have very limited time and if you fail to answer all your questions before the given time your computer will be shut down.

Any question that appears to be confusing should be skipped. After answering other questions, you can decide to come back later to answer the question. This will help you to save time and pass the examination very well.

✅ Take note of exceptions like “not” and “except” in your questions:
This is where most students usually fail woefully. Exceptions are those words that show that something is not “part of” or “does not belong” to a group/class.

Below is an example of a question with an explanation;

Which of the following is not a system of government?

a) Democracy
b) Capitalism
c) Totalitarianism
d) Monarchical

Apparently, the answer to the above question is *“(b) Capitalism“.* But any candidate who did not notice the *“not”* in the question will likely get it wrong even though the question looks simple. So another important thing you must note to answer JAMB questions is these exceptional questions.

✅ Take note of questions that suggest the answer to other questions: In an objective examination like JAMB UTME, some questions can suggest the answer to other questions and you have to take notice of those questions if you want to score higher. You must be able to identify when a particular question is giving you clue to the answer to another question.

When you notice this, quickly go back to the previous question and choose the correct answer. Don’t wait until you finish because you may not have enough time to start searching for the two questions. So immediately you notice that a particular question is giving you the answer to another question, please do the needful.

✅ Don’t rush out of the examination hall without verifying your answers: For an examination like JAMB UTME, it will be totally foolhardy to run out of your examination hall without verifying whether all the things you have answered are correct. During the time I took the JAMB examination, I remember going through all my questions again even after I finished writing. It helped me to correct some answers which I thought were correct but wasn’t.

So, if you have enough time, make sure you go through your questions again. It will help you to even correct some answers you hurriedly picked before.

If you fail to plan, you are as well planning to fail

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