Harvard Scholarships Program

Harvard Scholarships Program

Continue your education in the United States. There’s good news! The Harvard Academy Scholars Program is presently accepting applications. This article will take you through the application processes, eligibility, and what you should know.

International students can apply for the Harvard University Scholarship 2022-2023, which is fully financed. This award is only available for postdoctoral research. Postdoctoral Academy Scholars will be paid $67,000 each year.

Four to six Scholars are admitted every year for two-year terms. The Academy Scholars Program seeks out and supports outstanding young scholars whose work combines disciplinary excellence in the social sciences or law with a command of the language, history, and culture of countries or regions other than the United States or Canada.

Their research could shed light on past or present domestic, comparative, or international challenges. Unless traveling for pre-approved research objectives, Academy Scholars are expected to stay in the Cambridge/Boston area for the duration of their appointments.

Summary of the Scholarship

• Institution: Harvard University
• Level of Study: Postdoctoral / PhD
• Location: United States of America
• Focus Areas: Law and social science
• Duration: Three-year period
• Deadline: October 1, 2022.

Coverage of Scholarships

The Harvard Academy Scholars Program provides the following benefits to the recipient:

Academy of Postdoctoral Studies Scholars will be paid a stipend of $67,000 per year.
Scholars who are chosen before completing their Ph.D. will be paid a stipend of $31,000 each year until they are given their Ph.D.

Eligibility Criteria

These factors should be taken into account if you want to be considered for a Harvard University Scholarship:
• English is a required language.
• All countries in the world are eligible.
• Doctoral candidates and recent Ph.D. (or related professional school degree) recipients in the social sciences or law.

Before seeking to become Academy Scholars, those still pursuing a Ph.D. must have completed their normal training and should get ready to finish their theses. The Ph.D. completion date must be within three years of the October 1 application deadline if you have completed a Ph.D. program.

You must have completed your Ph.D. or equivalent after September 30, 2019, to apply for the October 1, 2022 deadline.

How to Apply for Harvard University Scholarship?

To participate in Harvard Academy Scholars Programs, please complete the steps below:

• Here you can create a new account.
• Fill in the blanks.
• The documents listed below are required.
• Cover letter stating the applicant’s academic field, country or region of specialization, and proposed research topic in a concise manner.
• CV (curriculum vitae) or resumé, with a list of publications
• Research proposal (maximum of 2500 words) that includes conceptual aims as well as planned methodological and disciplinary activities.
• a transcript from your Ph.D. program
• Three letters of recommendation
• The whole application, including the three letters of recommendation, is submitted as a PDF document online.

Please visit the official Harvard University Scholarship webpage for further information:
Website of the Harvard Academy of Scholars https://academy.wcfia.harvard.edu/programs/academy_scholar?utm_source=armacad.info&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=armacad.info

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