Fully Funded Thailand TIPP Scholarship 2022

Thailand is now offering fully funded Thailand TIPP scholarship 2022 to international students.

MAPS is the first graduate program in Thailand that examines the entire Asia-Pacific region in all its complexities.

The Asia-Pacific region is one of the most dynamic and diverse regions in the world. It is the home of more than 4.3 billion people and accounts for more than half of global economic activities.

Trade and development have given rise to international economic cooperation, ranging from small regional forums to large-scale collaborations such as APEC (Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation) and ASEAN.

MAPS program provides students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge not only on the said academic disciplines. Students will also study various contemporary issues related to sustainable development in the region.

The program adopts a multidisciplinary approach that allows them to integrate the study of economics, law, international relations, and public policies to give
students an understanding of contemporary regional issues.

The Asia-Pacific region is also the home of 700 million youth whose ambitions and abilities can contribute to the prosperous, peaceful, and sustainable future of the region. Investing in youth is an investment for the future. Our students will be trained and empowered for a sustainable future that requires a better understanding of their needs, interests, challenges, and potential may it be
domestically or internationally.

MAPS is a truly international program with more than 80 percent of international students. Students at the MAPS program come from ASEAN member states and countries in the Asia- Pacific such as Bhutan, Japan, and China. The majority of them work in public and higher education sectors, that is, civil service officers at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and university lecturers. When they graduate, they will go back and become the driving force for sustainable developments in their counties.

Benefits of Thailand TIPP Scholarship 2022

The Royal Thai Government will bear the following expenses for successful candidates during their study in Thailand. The expenses include:

  • Return economy class air ticket and airport pick–up service
  • Domestic travel in Thailand – will be provided via the most economical route from the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand to the airport where the university is located.
  • Airport pick–up service
  • Living allowance – Awardees will receive a living allowance in the amount of 7,000 Baht per month.
  • Accommodation allowance – Awardees will receive an accommodation allowance in the amount
    of 7,000 Baht per month in the regional province or 9,000 Baht per month in Bangkok and Phuket.

Settlement Money: Awardees will receive the settlement allowance in the amount of 6,000 Baht on their first arrival to Thailand.

Books allowance: Awardees will receive a books allowance in the amount of 10,000 Baht per year. (Only4 semesters for Master’s degree)

Thesis allowance: Awardees are strongly recommended to make necessary data collection in relation to their proposed research topic, if it is to be done in their country, prior to coming to Thailand. Awardees will be given the thesis allowance as a lump sum amount of 20,000 Baht for compulsory fieldwork or data collection and a lump sum amount of 12,000 Baht for thesis printing or 8,000 Baht for
independent study (IS) printing.

Awardees’ tuition fees will be directly reimbursed from TICA, except equipment insurance fee, transcript, and certificate fee Accident and Hospitalization Insurance during the period of study in Thailand will be provided.

The cost of pre-existing illnesses, dental treatment, brain disease, mental illness, pregnancy, and glasses are NOT covered. Awardees are advised to obtain their own travel insurance which is fully covered for any costs arising from loss or theft of personal belongings.

Thailand TIPP Government Scholarship 2022 Application Eligibility Criteria

  1. Candidates must be nominated by the National Focal Point for International Development Cooperation in a country from the TIPP eligible countries/territories list.
  2. Candidates should be working in the area related to the course provided.
  3. Candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree and/or professional experience related field or related to a graduate degree.
  4. Candidates must have a good command of English.
  5. Candidates whose English is not the first language and Bachelor’s degree was not taught in English have to pass an English Language proficiency test according to criteria announced by University regulations.
  6. It is recommended that candidates be less than 50 years of age.
  7. Candidates must have good physical and mental conditions.
  8. TICA reserves the right to revoke scholarships offered to awardees who violate rules and regulations.
  9. Other requirements apart from these will be under consideration by the University regulations.

How to apply for the Thailand TIPP Government Scholarship?

The candidates must fill in the online application form on the TICA website: Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA). Fellowships and Scholarships, Thailand International Postgraduate Programme.

The candidates must be nominated by the National Focal Point for International Development Cooperation (such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) or by relevant central government agencies for which the nominated candidates currently work.

The nomination must be in line with relevant rules and regulations of the nominating countries/territories.

The National Focal Point will forward the nominated candidates’ documents to the Royal Thai Embassy/Permanent Mission of Thailand to the United Nations/Royal Thai Consulate-General accredited to eligible countries/territories.

Please prepare one (1) original with two (2) copies of each document as these following items:

  1. TIPP Thailand Scholarship application form
  2. Medical report
  3. Transcript of Bachelor’s degree (to show the courses that you have learned throughout Bachelor’s degree)
  4. Certificate of Bachelor’s degree
  5. English test score (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS)
  6. Recommendation Letter (At least 3 people)
  7. Thesis proposal or other documents (As university request)

All forms are duly filled out and endorsed by the candidate’s supervisor and the National Focal Point for International Development Cooperation.

All of the related documents must be in English. Each of the eligible countries/territories can nominate up to five (5) candidates per academic program.

The Thai scholarship application procedure will complete when TICA has received the hard copy of the application form and other related documents through the Royal Thai Embassy/Permanent Mission of Thailand to the United Nations/Royal Thai Consulate-General accredited to eligible countries/territories.


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