Frazier Thompson Merit Scholarship at the University of Notre Dame

Frazier Thompson Merit Scholarship at the University of Notre Dame

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At every level, Notre Dame supports its scholars with a combination of funding and practical advising that provides the foundation for success in the academy. The University is uniquely suited in this way: with a 9:1 student-to-faculty ratio and with 90% of classes featuring fewer than 50 students, our world-class faculty are accessible to students who are engaging with them and with each other in an exceedingly fertile academic ecosystem.

But the classrooms are not just in South Bend. With nearly 50 international study programs for undergraduate and graduate students and a network of 11 Global Gateways and centers in some of the world’s most vibrant and significant cities, Notre Dame is an institution that offers a truly global experience in the pursuit of your academic goals

The Notre Dame Scholars’ Program selects prospective first-year Notre Dame students to receive merit-based scholarship awards based on their highly competitive academic records, demonstrated leadership, and service to their communities. The University of Notre Dame currently offers more than 20 such scholarships, which typically provide recipients with an annual award of $25,000, for a total of $100,000 over four years, and in some cases generous enrichment funding for scholarship, service, and leadership projects.

About Frazier Thompson Merit Scholarship

Frazier Thompson Merit Scholarship is an opportunity that is open to all undergraduate students who have in one way or another other demonstrated excellent academic achievement.

The Frazier Thompson Scholarship (FTS), named after the first African American to graduate from the University of Notre Dame, offers non-need-based grants in the amounts, frequency, and categories established by the Black Alumni to Notre Dame undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who meet the requirements as established by the Black Alumni.

Specifically, the FTS shall provide these grants to a diverse group of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who have helped to achieve the primary objective of the fund which is to enhance the experience of the African American student body.   The recipients of FTS grants will have been selected for their interest in and support for the African Diaspora through demonstrated interaction which has been intellectually, socially, and spiritually fruitful. All applicants must submit a resume that documents the student’s interest in and support for the African Diaspora through interaction that is intellectually, socially, and spiritually fruitful (the “African Diaspora resume”).

These efforts may have been spent on campus, including active participation in one or more of the black affinity groups in which membership is open to all members of the Notre Dame student body, in the Michiana community, in a domestic African American community, the African continent, the Caribbean islands or Central or South America.


The Frazier Thompson Merit scholarship will award the following opportunities to the scholarship;

  • An annual award of $15,000 toward the cost of tuition for up to four years of undergraduate study, for a total of $60,000. This award is independent of any financial aid that a scholar may qualify for and receive.
  • Mandatory participation in a funded one-week Outward Bound Wilderness Leadership Canoe Expedition in the Boundary Waters in Minnesota.
  • An enrichment fund of $5,000, minus the cost of Outward Bound, that can be used for self-designed enrichment projects approved by the Notre Dame Scholars’ Program, including research, creative projects, professional development, leadership development, and/or unpaid service or internships.

To be Eligible

  • Applicant must meet the following requirements to apply for the Frazier Thompson Merit scholarship;
  • Applicant must have an excellent academic achievement
  • Applicant must have a record of outstanding leadership and service to Africana (African, African-American, and African diasporic) communities in the United States
  • Applicant must have the potential for continued leadership and service to the Africana diaspora at Notre Dame
  • Applicant must be a full-time undergraduate enrollment.
  • Applicant must be able to maintain a good academic and disciplinary standing. If a scholar is subject to academic or disciplinary probation or dismissal, they should contact the Notre Dame Scholars’ Program for more information regarding policies and procedures.
  • Applicant must have received a university merit scholarship consideration given for a maximum of eight semesters (ten semesters for the five-year Architecture program). Scholarship eligibility is not extended to account for any semester(s) the scholar did not meet scholarship requirements.

How to Apply

For more information on the scholarship and to begin your application, visit the scholarship website at;

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