What Next After NYSC Orientation Camp

What Next After NYSC Orientation Camp

Leaving camp is just the beginning of the NYSC scheme. There are many other activities to be engaged in after the 3 weeks orientation. Below are the listed very important things to do immediately after leaving camp.

*Security Consciousness:

corps members should be well aware of their belongings as they prepare for departure from the camp; their allowances (allowee) paid in camp (if not paid into their accounts), luggage, gadgets, etc. Double checks on all things should be done and if any is missing, security personnel should be notified.

*Collection of posting letter:* Corps members would assemble themselves at their platoons and various letters administered to them carrying their PPAs and local governments of employment. At this point, many would cry owing to their posting to remote areas, (well I cried when I saw what local government I was posted to) *laughs* while some others will gladly prepare for the cities.

*Go to your place of primary assignment (PPA):

well in the posting letter it is always stated that employers should make available a means of transportation to convey their employees from the campground, but it is not always the case. Various religious groups in the camp may also help take Corp members going to a particular local government. In the absence of these two options, it is wise to find and tag along with other Corp members heading to the same local governments or even PPAs, to ease locating the place. But, however, it is very important you go to your place of primary assignment the day you leave camp or the next day. Wear your khaki to the organization, these show some signs of seriousness to your employer.

When you get to your PPA you introduce yourself and present your posting letter, you either get accepted or rejected.
Arriving at local government: The Local Government Inspector (LGI) or his assistant would brief the new corps members with a welcome address.

Afterward, you open your file at your local government if you were accepted by the organization you were posted to, but if you got rejected you submit the rejection letter and apply for reposting to another organization.


Employers are expected to provide convenient accommodation for their corp members. Before a corps member is accepted by the PPA, it is expected that you discuss with your employer the availability of accommodation. If they don’t have one and are not ready to provide any, you can request to be rejected while you go to your LGI for reposting to another PPA. There are conditions to which a corps member can opt to change his/her PPA as stated in the posting
the letter, some of which are:

a)Unavailability of accommodation by PPA

b)No payment.

Traveling on leave or not: After Corp members are accepted at their PPAs, each is given at least fourteen (14) days break for preparation for the service year. A formal letter is written to the authorities in charge. However, if a Corp member decides not to travel, He or She may resume working immediately

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