Most times, students fail to post Utme exams not because they didn’t read, but because they read anything and everything they come across, without knowing that wide reading may increase your knowledge horizon but it won’t help you pass your Rivers State University post Utme exams.

Knowing the right materials to read will prepare your mind on what to expect in the forthcoming post Utme exams, hereby boosting your courage and self-confidence and when these things are put in place success is inevitable…..

Below are some of the sample questions and answers:


Choose the options opposite in meaning to the word(s) or phrase in italics.

  1. Common sense requires that one should be decorousat formal gatherings.

(A) courteous
(B) careful
(C) impolite
(D) incurious

  1. The string was taut

(A) stretched
(B) loose
(C) firm
(D) tight.

  1. The diminutive figure bounces over the track with unfathom ablelightness.

(A) irresistible
(B) predictable
(C) invigorating
(D) impressive.

  1. The teacher announced that the class would be making a fleeting visit to the Zoo.

(A) long
(B) routine
(C) brief
(D) guided

  1. We intend to make the reception a diurnal event.

(A) an annual
(B) a weekly
(C) a nightly
(D) a short.


  1. The random way genes recombine during meiosis and fertilization leads to

(A) genetic variation
(B) phenotype
(C) genome
(D) genotype

  1. In a cell, the genes are carried by

(A) Nuclear membrane
(B) Chromatin threads
(C) lysosomes
(D) Mitochondria

  1. An ecosystem is composed of all of the following except:

(A) Plants
(B) Animals
(C) Temperature
(D) Meadows

  1. In a food web, tertiary consumers belong to which trophic level

(A) First
(B) Second
(C) Third
(D) Fourth

  1. The primary structure responsible for pumping blood for circulation through the mammalian circulatory systems is the

(A) Veins
(B) Right auricle
(C) Arteries
(D) Left ventricle


  1. Which of the following is an acidic salt?

(A) NaHSO4
(B) Na2SO4
(C) CH3CO2Na
(D) Na2S

  1. Given that the molecular mass of iron is 56 and that of oxygen is 16, how many moles of iron (III) oxide will be contained in 1kg of the compound?

(A) 12.5moles
(B) 0.625moles
(C) 25moles
(D) 6.25moles

  1. 3.0g of a mixture of potassium carbonate and potassium chloride were dissolved in a 250cm3 standard flask.25cm3 of this solution required 40.00cm3 of 0.01M HCl for neutralization. What is the percentage by weight of k2CO3 in the mixture? (k = 39, O = 16, C = 12)

(A) 92
(B) 89
(C) 72
(D) 82

  1. 0.499g of CuSO4.XH2O when heated to constant weight gave a residue of 0.346g. What is the value of X?

(A) 2.0
(B) 3.0
(C) 5.0
(D) 4.0

  1. The principal constituent of natural gas are

(A) methane
(B) ethane
(C) propane
(D) butane

Note: Your smile and success in this forthcoming examination is our top priority

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