Here is the maths waec gce questions for 2020. You have to try out solving it or getting solutions. Share with your colleagues, good luck.

Question 1 

(a) If x:y = 2:3, evaluate

x2 – y2

y2 + x2

(b) A man on the same level ground with a tree, stands at a distance of 12.82m away from the foot of the tree. He observes the angle of elevation of the top of the tree as 52o. If the man is 1.24m tall, calculate correct to two decimal places, the height of the tree.


Question 2 

(a)      Simplify:    x2  –  8x  +  16  .

x2  –  7x  +  12

(b)     If ½, 1/x, 1/3 are successive terms of an arithmetic progression 

(A.P.), show that    2  –  x  =    2

x  –  3       3

question 3 

A bucket is 12cm in diameter at the bottom, 20cm in diameter at the open end and 16cm deep. If the bucket is filled with water and emptied into a cylindrical tin of diameter 28cm, calculate the depth of water in the tin.

( take π = 22/7)

question 4 

(a) solve the equation: 2logx – log(1 – x) = log(2 – x).

(b) If Ade gives N5 out of what he has to Chidi, the two of them will have equal amount. If Chidi gives out N5 to Ade, Ade will have twice as much as Chidi. How much did each of them have initially?

question 5

(a) A rectangular field is I metres long and b metres wide. Its perimeter Is 280 metres. If the length is two and a half times its breadth, find the values of I and b. , 

(b) The base of a pyramid is a 4.5 m by 2.5 m rectangle. The height of the pyramid is 4 m. 

Calculate its volume. 

question 6

(a)          If 2x+y = 16 and 4x+y = 1/32, find the values of x and y. 

(b)          P, Q and R are related in such a way that P cc Q2 /R 

When P = 36, Q = 3 and R = 4. Calculate Q when P = 200 and R = 2. 

question 7 

(a) Solve, correct to two decimal places, the equation 4×2 = l1x + 2l. 

(b)A man invests £1500 for two years at compound interest. After one year, his money amounts to £1560. Find the: 

(i)            Rate of interest; 

(ii)           Interest for the second year. 

question 8

(a) The triangle ABC has sides AB = 17m, BC = 12m and AC = 10m. Calculate the ;

(i) Largest angle of the triangle;

(ii) Area of the triangle.

(b) From a point T on a horizontal ground, the angle of elevation of the top R of a tower RS, 38 m high, is 63°. Calculate, correct to the nearest metre, the distance between T and S . 

question 9

Using ruler and a pair of compasses only, construct: 

(i)             a quadrilateral PQRS such that /PO} = 7 cm, 

LOPS = 60°, /PS/ = 6.5 cm, LPQR = 135° and /QS/ = /QR/; 

(H)           locus 11 of points equidistant from P and Q; 

(iii)           locus 12 of points equidistant from P and S. 

question 10

(a) If 3,x,y, 18 are in Arithmetic progresion (A. P), find the values of x and y.

(b) (i) The sum of the second and third terms of a geometric progressio,n is six times the fourth term. Find the two possible values of the common ratio. 

(ii) If the second term is 8 and the common ratio is positive, find the first six terms.

Solve the Questions above‼️‼️‼️



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