Waec gce civic education answers 2022

Waec gce civic education answers 2022



Law and Order is a condition in which the existing rules, regulations, norms and related legal codes are recognized and observed for the sustenance of peace, orderliness and security of lives and property in society.

[Pick Any SIX]
(i) It ensures peace and harmony in the society.
(ii) It guarantees security of life and property of Nigerians.
(iii) It promotes orderly behaviour of citizens.
(iv) It ensures social stability in human relationships among Nigerians.
(v) It promotes socio-economic development.
(vi) It promotes effective function of societal institutions.
(vii) It promotes accountability of the government to the governed.
(viii) It ensures tolerance of other peoples opinion or views.
(ix) It ensures obedience to constituted authorities.

National consciousness:
This is defined as a strong sense/feeling attachment to one’s country over and above every ot consideration, interests or peculiarities for the promotion of common welfare/development. or It is a way of having priority for the nation above every ot consideration.

(i) Inculcating right values, morals and discipline in the citizens
(ii) Encouraging justice and fairness among citizens
(iii) Encouraging national unity and understanding through heal competitions, politics, sport and festivals etc
(iv) Inculcating sound morals and religious beliefs
(v) Placing national interest above personal interest/patriotism
(vi) Singing National Anthem/reciting the Pledge
(vii) Promoting inter-tribal/ethnic/regional marriage in the school
(viii) Friendliness and hospitality of Nigerians to fellow
(ix) Ensuring the implementation of the NYSC posting policy corp members outside their respective cultural areas of origin



(i) Opioids
(ii) Stimulants
(iii) Sedatives

(i) It weakens immune system: Drug abuse results to a weakened immune system which increases the risk of illness and infection.

(ii) It affects the heart: It brings about heart conditions ranging from abnormal heart rates to heart attacks and collapsed veins and blood vessel infections from injected drugs.

(iii) It causes nausea and abdominal pain: This effect can lead to changes in appetite and weight loss

(iv) It affects the liver: Increased strain on the liver caused by drug abuse puts the person at risk of significant liver damage or liver failure.

(v) It causes seizures, stroke, mental confusion and brain damage

(vi) It brings about problems with memory, attention and decision-making, which make daily living more difficult


(i) Abstinence from illicit sex.
(ii) Faithfulness to partners.
(iii) Continuous education of people on HIV, its spreads, it effects and prevention by government and non-governmental organizations.
(iv) Injection needles should be used once and disposed off.
(v) People should not share sharp objects like clippers, razors, etc.
(vi) Blood should be tested thoroughly before transfusion.

(i) Press control
(ii) Freedom of information
(iii) Political Education

(i) It provides essential service at cheaper rate.
(ii) It implements Government policies.
(iii) It collects revenue for government.
(iv) It helps in public enlightenment.

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