Waec Electrical installation answers 2022

Waec Electrical installation answers 2022

Here is the Waec Electrical installation answers 2022


Corre your number *11: B*


(i) Cleaning

(ii) Lubrication

(iii) Replacing

(iv) Repairing parts

(v) production line equipment is working efficiently or heating

(vi) ventilation or air conditioning elements are inspected


(i) Conduct wiring

(ii) underground wiring

(iii) Surface wiring


[Pick any five]

(i) Cost of the Wiring System.

(ii) Type of Wires / Cables used.

(iii) Quality of the Wires.

(iv) Type of load (light, HVAC, motors etc.)

Safety of the Wiring System.

(v) Possibility of future modifications / extensions.

(vi) Life of installation.



(i) 17,500

(ii) 18,500

(iii) 6,000

(iv) 3,000

(iv) 2,500

(v) 2,000

(vi) 1,500

GRAND TOTAL = 69,000




[Pick any three]

(i) Business Loans

(ii) Friends & Family

(iii) Angel Investors.

(iv) Venture Capital.

(v) Funding from Personal Savings

_(Pick any 3 electrical hand tools of your choice and there uses)_

¶ hammer: is used to secure electrical boxes equipped with nail-on brackets to wall studs and other framing members in a home.

¶ Wire strippers: are used to cut and strip insulation from electrical wires.

¶Tongue and groove pliers: It will see frequent use for removing knockouts from metal electrical boxes, tightening cable clamps, and adjusting expansion type ceiling fan boxes.

¶ Allen wrenches set: are used to tighten hex-head screws, which are sometimes found on ceiling fans, light fixtures, and appliances.

¶ Torpedo level: is used to make sure your work is level and plumb.

IML Resistograph

0.5M ohms

Pole pitch is referred as the peripheral distance between the center of two adjacent poles in a DC machine. This distance is measured in terms of armature slots or armature conductors that come between two adjacent pole centers.

(ii) Slot pitch; This is thhe distance between like-colored phosphor stripes in a CRT that uses a slot mask. This is slightly closer than the dot pitch in traditional shadow mask CRTs, which measures the diagonal distance between dots

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