Neco electrical installation answers 2021

Neco electrical installation answers 2021

Here is neco election installation answers 2021, share

Electrical installation obj

2. B
3. C
4. D
5. E
6. D
7. A
8. C
9. D
10. C

i. light in weight – one of the most well-known properties of aluminum is that it is light in weight. compared to steel, which is also commonly used for metal electrical conduits, aluminum is one-third the density, but this does not affect its strength.

ii. strong and durable – the tensile strength of most aluminum alloys used in extrusion for metal electrical conduits is between 150-300 mpa. at low temperatures, the strength of aluminum increases and does not become brittle like most steel grades.

iii. easy to machine – whatever you need to do with regard to extrusion and fabrication of aluminum and aluminum alloys, it can be easily worked using most secondary operations, including milling, cutting, bending, drilling and punching, allowing for unlimited customization opportunities.


2b. 1. Used in steel manufacturing

As we all know, the steel manufacturing industries need a constant and reliable source of light to function properly. The transformer, in this case, is what aids the industry in the electricity, and thermal sector for the manufacture of steel.

2. Used for Electrochemical

In the manufacture of metals like zinc and aluminum, during the electrolysis process, the transformers are what powers the whole completion process. With it, manufacturing companies can make the metals and use them for their various purposes.

2c. Hydrogen Energy. …
Tidal Energy. …
Wave Energy. …
Hydroelectric Energy. …

2d. Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces.


Impression Die Forging.
Cold Forging.




*Lap winding*

i. The connection of the lap winding is, the armature coil end is connected to the nearby section on the commutators.
ii. The numbers of the parallel path are equal to the total of number poles.

*Wave winding*

i. The connection of the wave winding is, the armature coil end is connected to commutator sections at some distance apart.
ii. The number of parallel paths is equal to two.

i. Carelessness.
ii. Slippery floor.
iii. Lack of safety devices.
iv. Lack of maintenance.
v. Poor storage.

_Number 3c._

1. It helps to improve conductivity.
2. It helps to collect current from a commutator and make it available to the external circuit.
3. It acts as current collector from static electrical circuits.


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