University of Toronto (Canada) Scholarship 2022

University of Toronto (Canada) Scholarship 2022 for international Students

There are over 4,400 undergraduate admission scholarships that the University of Toronto for 2022, along with its faculties, campuses, and colleges, awards each year.

Eligible high school students (including international candidates) are automatically considered for a variety of admission scholarships when they apply to the University. Awards and cut-offs vary by division, faculty, and college.

There are also admission scholarships at the University of Toronto 2022 that require a separate application, and others that require you to complete an awards profile.

Being an international student how do I apply for scholarships?

All admitted students, including international students, are automatically considered for admissions scholarships.

However, these awards tend to be fairly competitive because of the large volume of excellent students who apply to the University of Toronto each year.

Please note that the admission awards, which are certainly a great help, are not designed to cover the full cost of international tuition so it is best to have other funding plans as well.

Is there financial aid for students from the United States?

As we have a large and vibrant population of students from the United States, we have created a resource web page for students from the United States.

What is the grade range for scholarship consideration purposes?

The University of Toronto attracts a large volume of excellent students each year making awards fairly competitive.

Some scholarships are based on academic factors as applicable to students’ academic background and intended area of study.

Secondary school students are automatically considered for these awards as part of the U of T admission process. A separate application is not required for these merit-based admission awards.

When are scholarship decisions made?

We award University scholarships on the basis of the student’s average at the time of admission, and the decision is sent either with the offer of admission or under separate cover.

How will I receive my award payment?

Payment for an admission award is applied to the student’s fees account after registration is confirmed in the Fall term.

Award payments from the University of Toronto are posted to ACORN before the service charge date in October.

The scholarship amount is first applied to any fees owing. If the award amount exceeds the fees owing, then the remainder will be issued to the student. It will be deposited into your bank account via direct deposit directly.

If you have not already done so, please set up a direct deposit on ACORN.

You may request to register without payment if the scholarship value is at least the value of the minimum required fees payment. Information about tuition fee deferral and fee payment is available through the Student Accounts website.

Once you are registered at U of T, you will be able to view your award information, including pending payments, on ACORN, under My Award.

List of University of Toronto Scholarships

 OSAP and Other Government Aid

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is a government financial aid program made up of a mix of grants and loans. Once you apply and qualify for OSAP, you’ll be considered automatically for other sources of funding, like UTAPS. If you’re from another Canadian province, territory, or First Nations band, you can apply for aid through your government’s financial aid program or your First Nations band.

 University of Toronto Financial Aid (UTAPS)

Does your government financial aid not quite cover all your costs? UTAPS is for full-time students who receive the maximum government financial aid available but whose funding still doesn’t cover all their university costs. UTAPS helps fill the financial gap. Ontario residents must be receiving OSAP to be considered. If you’re receiving financial aid from another Canadian province, territory or a First Nations band, you may be eligible for UTAPS too.

Financial Aid/ UTAPS Online Estimator: How much funding could I receive?

Use the Financial Aid/ UTAPS Online Estimator to get an estimate of how much Financial Aid/ UTAPS funding you could receive. This can help with planning your finances for your University studies

Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities

Explore the funding opportunities available for students with disabilities. In addition to OSAP, you’ll find a mix of grants and programs to help make university accessible and successful.

Work-Study Program

Develop your skills, knowledge, and work experience through the University of Toronto’s Work-Study Program. You can be hired for paid work on campus.

Emergency Grants

As much as you plan ahead, you can’t always avoid an unexpected financial crisis. That’s why the University of Toronto has grants available for emergency situations.


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