Tiktok coin is a SCAM TOKEN

Tiktok coin is a SCAM TOKEN

Tiktok coin airdrop has been seen trending on some social media platforms recently, the coin is based on a trust wallet Dapp, where you are to buy 25,000,000 TikTok coins with some amount of Ethereum.
We want to categorically say that this is a scam project, if you have fallen for this airdrop hoping that one day it will change your life, it won’t because it has no future, no plan.

This project is forwarded by one man whose sole aim is to make huge money out of it when you try to buy the airdrop with your Ethereum, a man with a hidden name and zero portfolios whatsoever

People have bought 1,000,000,000 TikTok hoping to get rich when the coins have value in the future. But this is not true and can never happen.

Here are reasons why the TikTok token is a scam

This coin or preferably say a scam token is not listed on any exchange platforms. They have zero value, You would say because it is in its development stage, but that is a lie, it was said to have an all-time high at some period last year and that wasn’t verifiable as the coin is currently zero with no price change since creation.

Trillions of supply which is abnormal, and zero market capital. This makes it less possible to ever make any meaning in the crypto world.

This token is also not found on Binance which is the home of crypto as of today. Its integration on the blockchain is very questionable. owner of this coin is seen daily exchanging Ethereum to get more trillions of this coin on uni swap and then sells them to people at a rate he makes high profits promising them a spike in the value of the coin in a few months, in other words, he is selling the coin as airdrops.

Anyone can create any token using the Ethereum blockchain technology. Please be wise and avoid wasting your resources and hoping on a useless coin to make you rich. Thanks!

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