Stake Otaku coin, Gain Otaku Coins

Stake Otaku coin, Gain Otaku Coins

Gain Otaku Coins (XOC) as a reward by staking (=securing and making it unable to use) your Otaku Coins (XOC) you earned on the Otaku Coin Official App for a fixed period.

You can also win a lottery!
・STEPN NFT Sneakers worth $800 : 1 winner

*We only accept additional stakings this month and no withdrawals.

▼Staking Period
1 Month (April 1 – 30, 2022)

▼Staking Amount (XOC)
1,000 – 6,000 coins

▼Staking Reward
1 Month: 2% of the staked coins (The reward will be automatically sent to you at the end of the month)

▼STEPN NFT Sneakers Lottery Entry
From your total amount of staked coins, you will automatically receive 1 entry per 1,000 XOC. (e.g. 10 entries if you have 10,000 XOC staked)
The winners will be announced via the Otaku Coin Official Twitter account at a later date, so stay tuned!

*1.Entry Period: Until 23:59 on March 31, 2022 (JST)
*2.Limited to 1 application per user (multiple applications will be invalid).
*3. The Otaku Coins (XOC) you declared will be deducted from your Otaku Coin Official App at a later date.
*4. We plan to let you choose to continue staking your Otaku Coins (XOC) or withdraw them in early May 2022.

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