Scholarship Aid Initiative 2023

Scholarship Aid Initiative 2023

The Scholarship Aid Initiative has produced an examination guide to assist applicants in preparing for the upcoming online exam in June. The instruction manual came with warnings, and any pupil who broke the rules would be punished because the organization has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating.

This is a Nigeria University Scholarship program for those who are financially disadvantaged and cannot afford to continue their studies.

This scholarship program helps students seeking admission to tertiary institutions discover who they are so that they can express their own ideas in the vision of a world where people learn to respect, accept, and embrace one another; and have the opportunity to study things that are meaningful and relevant to one’s life and interests is also important to self-discovery.

Please see the instructions in their entirety below.
Online Examination Instruction Guide for the Scholarship Aid Initiative

The steps below will show you how to utilize the examination portal for the Qualifying Examination in 2023.

Section 1:

Exam Date and Login Information Visit for more information. Obtain a copy of the examination schedule as well as your State Examination Number.

Section 2: Guide to the Examination Portal

To access the portal, go to Username is your state code, and the password is your scholarship. Note: You will only be allowed to log in on the day of the exam; do not attempt to log in if the day and hour for your state and state code are not shown; this is very important, and you may be punished if you do not follow this advice.
Once you’ve logged in, go to the image below and click on the rectangle box that describes your exam.

Click the “Attempt quiz now” button on the next page, as indicated in the figure below.
When the system asks you to begin the attempt, select Start Attempt as shown below.
When you’ve completed all of the questions, click the finish attempt button.

Note that the exam has a time limit, and you must complete it within that time frame.
You will be redirected to the review page after clicking the finish attempt button; scroll down to the bottom of the page to submit your exam.
Exit the system by logging out.

Section 3:

Instructions/Warnings for the Exam
To prevent automatic rejection, all applicants must follow the instructions below:

All your activities during the examination are being observed.

To avoid disturbing those who are taking an exam, do not attempt to log in when you do not have one scheduled.

Do not attempt to open new Tabs or external links; all of your clicks on the software will be recorded, and you may be disqualified automatically.

Upon completion of the exam, the software will generate a report on your activities with the exam.

Cheating and Non-Cheating Scales are used to measure the activities.

Any exam result that falls within the cheating Scale will be void.

Each examination is 50 minutes long; make sure you complete it within that time frame. If you don’t, the system will submit you after you’ve surpassed the limit.

Before entering the Examination Hall, double-check your Examination Number.

By 9 a.m., all candidates must be seated. It will not be tolerated if you arrive late for your exam.

In the Examination Hall, no cell phones, calculators, or other incriminating equipment are permitted.

Bring the following items with you: a pencil, a biro, an eraser, a four-figure table, and a printed copy of your acknowledgment form.

Qualifying Examination

Candidates will be called to a qualifying examination, which will take place every year between June and July.

On the basis of their “cut-off” mark, the names of qualified candidates will be forwarded to Intellectual Harvard Educational Services Limited for approval. After the qualified candidates have been invited for an interview, their names will be transmitted to the various collaborating universities for admission based on their chosen course of study.

Please keep in mind that candidates are chosen solely on the basis of their merit. THEREFORE, THERE WILL BE NO EXAMINATION FEES OR QUALIFYING FEES.


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