Salary structure of the FRSC

Salary structure of the FRSC

Today we will be discussing vividly on the Nigerian Navy salary scale as this is important in choosing a government or organizational sector to work with. The salary scales of some organization are of cause higher than others because of how essential the services they render are to the society

For the Nigerian Navy salary scale which was genuinely gotten from a reliable source who is a high rank staff in the organization who chooses to remaining anonymous. The salary scales listed below are verified salary scale for the Nigerian Navy:

S/N Rank Basic Annual Salaries
1 Chief Inspector (CI) ₦1405449
2 Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI) ₦1325234
3 Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI) ₦1252038
4 Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI) ₦1143539
5 Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI) ₦1,058,416
6 Marshal Inspector I (MI-I) ₦777,876
7 Marshal Inspector II (MI-II) ₦548,387
8 Marshal Inspector III (MI-III) ₦393,442
9 Chief Road Marshal Assistant (CRMA) ₦966,761
10 Deputy Road Marshal Assistant (DRMA) ₦539,048
11 Senior Road Marshal Assistant (SRMA) ₦387,428
12 Road Marshal Assistant I (RMA I) ₦349,589
13 Road Marshal Assistant II (RMA II) ₦319,741
14 Road Marshal Assistant III (RMA III) ₦305,576

Qualification and Rank Structure (Entry Level)

Qualification Grade Level Basic Salary Range per annum Possible Rank
SSCE 03 298506 ­­- 330231 RMA-III
OND 05 329853 – 374259 MI-III
HND 07 483014 – 567065 MI
BSC 08 888956 – 988991 ARC

It is important you know that a member of the Federal Road Safety Corp who Joins the agency with a secondary certificate earns nothing less than N40,000 per month.

As a graduate of any higher institution, you’re entitled to enjoy nothing less than N100, 000 as your monthly salary while some incentives are additional advantages.

High-ranked officers earn monthly salary that ranges from N250, 000 and above.

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