QUT Equity Emergency Bursaries

QUT Equity Emergency Bursaries

This emergency bursary provides financial help to students experiencing unexpected financial hardship. This opportunity is open to interested bachelor, Master, and even Ph.D. student programs going through some financial crisis.


The Emergency bursary will award a bursary of $300, $500, $750, or $1000, based on your demonstrated need. This means that the financial aid varies and it’s dependent on the student’s financial need.

To be Eligible

Applicants who are in this category are eligible for the bursary;

  • Applicants that are currently enrolled as a student
  • Applicant from a low-income background
  • Applicant experiencing difficulty due to an unexpected financial situation.

Applicants who are in this category are not eligible for this bursary;

  • Single-unit study student – Applicant studying an individual unit at QUT, but not enrolled in a QUT course
  • A cross-institutional student – Applicants enrolled in a course at another university, but studying specific units at QUT and receiving advanced standing towards your course at the other university
  • QUT College student – Applicant studying one of the pathway programs offered by our international college, including foundation courses, university diplomas, and English language courses.

How to Apply

You’ll need to make an appointment with a Welfare Officer via; https://esoe.qut.edu.au/auth/realms/qut/protocol/openid-connect/auth?response_type=code&client_id=shibboleth-2-idp&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fidp.qut.edu.au%2Fidp%2Fprofile%2FSAML2%2FPOST%2FSSO?execution%3De1s1%26_eventId_proceed%3D1&state=94979%2F92cefa38-3416-43be-b7d7-b7314cfb4c61&scope=openid

Then your financial situation will be accessed and determine your eligibility for an emergency bursary. All appointments are confidential and free.

Applicants will be needed to provide the following documentation so that their eligibility can be accessed. They include:

  • Proof of your income, such as:
  • Centrelink statement
  • Your most recent Notice of Assessment from the Australian Taxation Office
  • Two months of payslips or income deposits on your bank statement.
  • Note: If you are partnered, dependent on, and/or living with parents/caregivers, the Welfare Officer will also need to see evidence of partner or parental (or family) income.
  • Your current bank balances
  • Any quotes or bills demonstrating your current financial need.

Before your bursary can be approved, your enrolment status will be checked to make sure that you’re still enrolled and eligible for the bursary. Then an email will be sent to you to let you know what to do next.

All appointments are confidential and free.

For more information and questions on the scholarship, kindly visit the scholarship website via; https://www.qut.edu.au/study/fees-and-scholarships/scholarships/equity-emergency-bursaries

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