MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Duke University

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Duke University

The University Scholars Program at Duke University is opened to new undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students. No applicants is allowed to apply directly to the University Scholar program. All applicants must apply through Duke University in the right and appropriate manner.

The University Scholars are selected in part on the basis of their financial need and so for quick consideration of the scholarship, it is crucial that all applicants should submit all files, and any required financial aid forms as early as possible, preferably by mid-February in order to ensure full consideration in a timely manner.

Students already enrolled in graduate and professional courses at Duke University are not eligible to apply for the University Scholars Fellowship which is for graduate students and professional students only.

All Ph.D. Candidates interested in the University Scholars Fellowship are selected by the Director of Graduate Studies of the department to which they are applying.  Their nomination would be passed down to the Dean of the Graduate School and further sent and confirmed by the Director of the University Scholars Program.

All Professional school candidates interested in the University Scholars Fellowship are chosen by the Admissions and Financial Aid offices of the respective professional schools to which the students are applying. All Graduate and professional school University Scholars are selected based on their outstanding educative, social, and innovative skills. They are to exhibit wide or great interdisciplinary interest and commitment with their actions and reactions.

University Scholars Program fellowships are available to incoming students from the Divinity School, the Fuqua School of Business, the Law School, the Nicholas School of the Environment, the Sanford School of Public Policy, the School of Medicine, and the School of Nursing.


Step 1

It is important to confirm your application for undergraduate admission status first before proceeding. If your admission indicates a “yes” on your school portal for the financial aid interest box then you are eligible to go to the next phase of an application. You must check the box regularly to know your status and you can do so by contacting the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to change your designation. All International students applicants who are considered or eligible for the scholarship and are interested in the financial aid interest box would be considered in a separate admission pool and those admitted with “no financial aid interest” are ineligible to apply for financial aid for any year of undergraduate study.

Step 2

Submit your application, documentation, and the following by November 16th, and ensure all documents are translated into English and U.S. Dollars

  • 2021-22 CSS Profile Application.
  • Current Foreign Tax Returns (all pages must be translated into English and US Dollars)
  • Current Earning Statements for the parent and student (all pages must be translated into English and US Dollars)
  • Applicants should submit both parents’ current foreign tax returns (converted into US dollars & translated into English) and an English language statement from both parents’ employers stating the amount of their annual income.
  • It is mandatory to save your files with the following information in the file name: Applicant Surname or Student Family Name_Applicant Given Name_Applicant 7 Digit Financial Aid ID #
  • All concerned applicants should email the school admission office for submission instructions at

Duke University provides four-year aid awards for international applicants. Once your aid award is complete, it will be automatically be restored for your remaining years of study at Duke. You will be instructed to attend a financial aid session upon your arrival at Duke in order for your aid to be applied. To learn more about the international student aid, the application process, and details regarding this mandatory session, please contact the school on email at

How to Apply

To all undergraduate students

  • The University Scholars program is meant and planned for new coming International undergraduate students alone. Transfer students and continuing students already enrolled at Duke University are not eligible to apply. It is not possible or important to apply to the University scholars program directly


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