Relocation forms will be available for you to pick up in all Camps across Nigeria.

Most corp members do present fake medical reports so they could be redeployed to their preferred state or a state closer to their preferred state.
It’s cool to presenting a fake medical report but it depends on the write-up and how good you could be during the defense because you must defend it whether fake or real.

NOTE: Your medical report must come from a government hospital in the state you are redeploying to.

NOTE: There are 3 reasons for one to redeploy of which you will have to choose._
1. Marital ground_(for those who are married with prove)
2. Insecurity_(insurgent) states)
3. Health (using medical report).

In Redeploying based on health ground, you are to fill or tick *Health* and attached the medical report together with a handwritten application letter (content is available)
Attached the report and submission.

A few days later, you will be called for an interview. (I will supply you with questions and answers they will ask you)._

On the last day in camp, a list of approved names will be paste on the camp notice board, also you will be notified via your dashboard.

♻️ *How to redeploy on health ground in camp*

➡️Obtain a Redeployment form which is free for all corp members
➡️Write a redeployment handwritten application letter, the format will be given in camp
➡️Attach a Medical Report/Doctor’s Report

➡️ Go for the interview

After the interview is successful, your redeployment will be granted ad your redeployment letter will follow suit. good luck

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