Neco Fishery Answers 2022

Neco Fishery Answers 2022

Here is Neco Fishery Answers 2022


Area = Length x Breadth
Area = 130 x 70
Area = 9100m²

A fish pond is an artificial lake or retention basin stocked with fish and used in aquaculture for fish farming, recreational fishing, or ornamental purposes.

(i) Suitable land area
(ii) Availability of water supply
(iii) Quality of water
(iv) Soil characteristics

(i) Selection of ingredients
(ii) Grinding
(iii) Feed formulation
(iv) Mixing
(v) Pelleting

(i) De-weeding:
This is the removal of weeds from the field. It is an effective pre-harvesting method of crop protection and crop production management.

(ii) De-slitting:
This is the removal of fine silt and sediment that has collected in a river to restore its natural capacity, without widening or deepening the river.

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