Neco agricultural practical answers 2022

Neco agricultural practical answers 2022

Here is the Neco agricultural practical answers 2022

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A; hand fork

B; dibber

C; cross staff

D; cast net

E; feeding trough


A; it is use for digging up weeds

B; it is use for making holes in the soil

C; it is use to make angel between two objects

D; it is use for catching fish

E; livestock feed are placed in it.


Wash rinse and dry after use



(i) horn

(ii) swivel


(i)it reduce wasted of animal feeds

(ii)it increases level of hygiene of animal feeds


F; Loamy soil

G; Clayey soil

H; Sandy soil

I; Earthworm

J; Termite



(i)it makes corn to germinate well

(ii)it is Rich in humus

(iii)it is well created and not water logged


(i)G; is reddish brown while H; is brownish in colour

(ii)G; is harder than H


(i) Temperature

(ii) pH

(iii) Rainfall


(i) Hard picking

(ii) Spraying with insecticides



K; Grasshopper

L; Bean weevil

M; Mealybug


K; bitting and chewing

L; boring

M; piercing and sucking


K; cassava

L; Bean

M; cassava


(i)it create holes in crops

(ii)it expose crops to attack of disease

(iii)reduce market value crops


(i) Physical control

(ii) Biological control

(iii) Chemical control


N; Animal skin

0; Tick

P; Roundworm


(i)it serve as food

(ii)it is a raw material for making leather material


(i)presence of proboscis

(ii)presence of legs


(i)it causes disease in animal

(ii)it causes malnutrition in animal


Under spec O;

(i) dog

(ii) cow

Under spec P




(i) Physical control

(ii) Chemical control

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