Neco agric answers 2021

Neco agric answers 2021

Here is the neco agricultural answers for 2021, share to your friends so everyone will pass. Good luck









Farm machanization can be defined as the application of mechanical and engineering principles in carrying out farm operations


(i)Inadequate food

(ii)Illiterate of farmers

(iii)Religious believe

(iv)Technical know-how


(i)Application of fertilizers

(ii)Use of farm machines


(i)It provides water for other agricultural activities

(ii)It creates employment opportunities


-Poor marketing system-

(i)Establishment of marketing board

(ii)Provision of good roads

(iii)Regulation of prices


-Unpredictable climate-

(i)Educating farmers on the crop to cultivate during each season

(ii)Provision of storage facilities

(iii)Educating farmers on the climate and what to do




This can be defined as the process whereby excess water in the soil is removed artificially to provide good farming activities


(i) Planting cover crops: This helps to provide shade, prevent erosion and add more nutrients to the soil

(ii) Mulching the soil: This prevents water loss through evaporation and nutrient loss by water erosion

(iii) Application of compost manure: This helps to bind the sand particles together and also add humus

(iv) Application of farm yard manure: This also improves the structure of the soil as well as add nutrients to the soil


(i) It forms the solid part for the soil and provides support for plants

(ii) It affects soil porosity

(iii) It represents the habitat of all soil living organisms

(iv) It has moderating effect on soil temperature


(i) Molybdenum

(ii) Zinc

(iii) Manganese

(iv) Copper



Crop improvement can be defined as the ways of developing and breeding of crop varieties which are better than the existing varieties in a number of characters


(i) Variety of crops are harvested

(ii) It increases the income of the farmer

(iii) Where land is scarce the farmer has a piece of land to cultivate

(iv) There is availablity of crop produce throughout the year

(v) The young forest trees receive direct and indirect attention from the farmer


(i) They reduce the yield of crops

(ii) They can cause total death of crops plants

(iii) They can cause injuries which expose crops to disease attack

(iv) Some are carriers or vectors of diseases

(v) They reduce the quality of produce

(vi) The profits of farmers are reduced


(i) They serve as food for livestock

(ii) They help to reduce the cost of feeding animals

(iii) They serve as cover crops



(i) Basal feeds

(ii) Concentrates


(i) Carbohydrates

(ii) Proteins


(i)For meat

(ii)For hides and skins

(iii)For Money

(iv)Some are raised for milk production


(i)Foot rot disease


(iii)Grass Tetany

(iv)White Muscle disease


(i) Cultural control

(ii) Physical control

(iii) Biological control

(iv) Chemical control




Supply of rice maybe defined as the quantity of rice which a producer is willing and able to offer for sale at a given price over a particular period of time


(i) Price

(ii) Income of the consumer

(iii) Taxation

(iv) Population


(i) Green revolution programme

(ii) Agricultural programme development

(iii) National accelerate food production programme

(iv) Natural intervention Agricultural land development Authority

(v) Operation feed the nation

(vi) Contec Global Agro limited


(i) Microfinance Bank

(ii) Commercial Bank

(iii) Credit card companies

(iv) Nigerian Agricultural cooperative and rural Bank


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