Meme Scholarship 2022

Meme Scholarship 2022

If you were being asked what makes you get addicted to the internet or social media, what do you answer?

Some will answer, that it’s their partner, while some will say it’s business, but the most common answer that makes people spend a long time on social media or the internet is memes.

For some years back, memes have proven to be a laughter mechanism and can make a place smile on someone’s lip.

Presently now, memes have gained a lot of popularity, and sharing and creating memes has become quite easy. For this purpose, is giving an opportunity to all memes lovers to earn a scholarship.

Any student can apply for this scholarship, provided that you are in one school or the order, and you are struggling with paying your tuition fees.

 How To Apply

  1. Submit your favorite memes that have a demonstration of a student struggling with paying tuition fees.
  2. Write a short description about it, and drop your Instagram handle with it.
  3. Submit to org

The winner of the scholarship will be announced on‘s Instagram handle.

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