How to do discord Airdrops

How to do discord Airdrops

Make sure you “always” “read” “instructions” carefully and “follow” them on any airdrop discord…*

1. Watch out for verification

2. Check if there’s a channel to post addresses (always post your address first before any other thing because the address channel can close anytime)

If you can’t access the address channel then the airdrop is either over or it requires you to do some extra tasks to gain a higher role (OG) before dropping the address… like creating memes, etc

3. Read instructions well, some words are restricted on some servers.. some servers ban people from saying words like “hi” “hello” and even “og “

4. You can always send messages to the admin to help you with anything (make sure sending an admin message is allowed)

5. Always check the announcement channel

6. There are various techniques for various types of verification (I don’t know how to explain this online)

7. Always read and follow the instructions

8. Drop your address first before anything (anything like a Twitter retweet or telegram)

9. Be active on servers that require you to be active

10. Read and follow instructions carefully and fast. but careful …

(Bonus: when you acquire Og on some servers you can group them together for easy access)

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