How to participate in airdrops

A Guide to Airdrop Participation

When Filling out cryptocurrency airdrop Forms

– Always input required information cos some forms only allow filling one time. That means after the first response no more if u made a mistake.

– Always pay attention to d twitter tasks. They are word games to reduce amt of eligible participants.

1) If the task is *Retweet post. Comment and Tag 3 friends* it means u should retweet all posts and comment under all of them and tag 3 friends

2) If the task is *Retweet pinned post. Comment and Tag 3 friends* it means u can retweet only d first if u like and comment under it and tag 3 friends

3) If the task says *Comment by tagging 3 friends* it means u can leave out saying anything and only tag 3 friends
But be aware that some require u to put certain hashtags

4) If the task is *Retweet by tagging 3 friends* it means u should use a quote tweet to tag three friends and not retweet and comment by tagging 3 friends

5) Always remember to submit the valid link for the twitter task. U can get it from the share button on a tweet
– If u r required to subscribe to their TG channel do so and don’t be a smart ass, important information like presale and CAs were given there.

1) Make sure u submit the correct TG username of the account u used to subscribe

2) if u r required to participate in the TG group chat. Try to be active so that you are not labeled a bot and marked from receiving ur Airdrop

– If u r required to participate in their Discord server do so and submit ur discord username. Remember to check your discord dm cos captcha checks r usually sent there. Most times u r not allowed access or u r not allowed to see other channels without completing d captcha. Try to get an OG role ( tho I’ve ever only gotten that twice. I don’t know how to do so). Getting one ensures u r among those that receive the Airdrop

– If u r required to do a medium task. Make sure u follow d author and try to give them some claps.

Most importantly: Don’t do Airdrops foolishly and willy-nilly. Most are fake and scams like d recent Defi100, the old Pinkoin, Zugacoin, etc.

Have a separate wallet for airdrops different from our day-to-day wallet
Have another for smart contracts
Another for holding and trading or a separate one for trading altogether

Thanks for reading. God bless

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