Nysc Mobilisation 2023

Nysc Mobilisation 2023

Sometimes, you hear people say, I need to clear all my papers and get my results ready so I can join Batch A. Yes, Batch A is the very first batch that NYSC mobilizes for a particular year.

Every year, NYSC takes in three batches of prospective corps members (PCM). These batches are Batch A, B, and C. Batch A usually takes place between February and March; Batch B between May and July; and Batch C between August and November.*

However, the NYSC calendar is prone to irregularities. It does not follow the schedule we have listed above all the time. Some years, there are just two batches, some years there are three.

Because the date of NYSC mobilization is not always accurate, there is a big need for you to always check what NYSC has on their Mobilization Timetable.

The 2024 NYSC online registration at the NYSC Login Portal has not started yet. You can expect it to begin at the end of February or the beginning of March 2024.

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