NYSC Portal Senate List

NYSC Portal Senate List

The NYSC Portal senate list is a particular page on the NYSC Portal where you can check/verify your name on NYSC Portal for NYSC registration. This is a very important step in NYSC mobilization and you all need to participate in this.

Verifying your name on the NYSC Portal is simple and I’m going to show you in a bit. But before I show you, there is something you need to take note of.

Before your name can be on the NYSC Portal, your name must have appeared on your school-approved senate list and your institution must have taken the hard copy to NYSC headquarters in Abuja. It is possible you see your name on your institution-approved senate list and not see it on the NYSC portal.

After pasting the list in your school, the list needs to be uploaded to the NYSC database, and also, your school must submit the hard copy to NYSC in Abuja.

If the procedures explained here are yet to be taken all you will be getting is ‘No Record Found!”. If you are checking and you are seeing No record found, just know that it is possible your school is yet to complete the procedure.

So before you think of verifying your name, kindly be sure your institution has done the necessary things that the NYSC Management requires.

What You Need To Verify Your Name
You will need the following.

*Name of your Institution*
*Your Matric Number*
*Your Surname*
*Your date of Birth* (Submit like that if you can’t select the year)
*Verify Your Name On Senate List*

If the year of Birth is not displaying, click search like that
After filling in the above form correctly, hit the search button. If you are unable to select the year from the date of birth, hit search like that. It will bring your details if your list has been uploaded. If you are seeing “No Record Found” Please relax, no Batch A 2021 list is yet on the NYSC portal.

You can click below to see if your name is on the senate list …


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