Welcome to Myscholarshipbaze, home of educative content, on this post we will take you on how to register on million money, and Start earning huge income with our profitable business opportunity.

We use a smart contract, with Ethereum as our cryptocurrency, as a result, You will benefit greatly from an excellent opportunity and investing platform.

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We all know Ethereum has a large chance of increasing in value just like bitcoin did a few years ago,

steps on how to register on million money.

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Install trust wallet!

Copy and Paste this link into your trust wallet and buy 1st level.


 It costs you only 0.03 ETH.  which the price might vary depending on the time which you are reading this post, but as of time of writing this post, this Ethereum is at 107,000 in naira

Your links are below for downloading Trustwallet:



Download Trustwallet or MetaMask:

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