Facts about Edoofa Scholarship

Facts about Edoofa Scholarship

Welcome to Myscholarsipbaze, we noticed a few questions about how real the Edoofa scholarship is s, so we decided to put up some facts we found out after some analysis and research, here are a few Facts about Edoofa Scholarship you should know

Edoofa is an Indian organization founded by Mr. Angad Singh in the year 2009, that helps students to quest for affordable higher education via internships and scholarships.

Edoofa has worked with over 250 universities and colleges in India and also Edoofa has worked with over 10,000 students over a few years.

Based on personal experience with Edoofa. I have Facts about Edoofa Scholarship:

1. Edoofa is here to help African students acquire higher education.
2. The counselors at Edoofa are very educative.
3. The counselors help you to choose the right course/ career.
4. The Counselors are very informed to help you choose a better future.
5. Counselors are patient and friendly.

I have personally interacted with some of the African students enjoying the programs (Edoofians), so I can BOLDLY say Edoofa is No Fraud. With all this knowledge I will rate Edoofa 10 out of 10.

one of the winners of the Edoofa program expressed her happiness, in her own words

“My experience with the Edoofa team

Please am called Hamza Firdaws and am from Ghana, I was very lucky, happy and exciting that I meet edoofa. Edoofa education for all, am a student who wanted to study physiotherapy, by almighty Allah I just met edoofa team and very glad because they help me to get admission in a desirable university in India that pdm university , they also make me get students scholarship which make tuition fees reduce down. Am always 100% happy and glad that I met edoofa students. God bless you all. Tnx………u”

Submitted by Hamza Firdaws on Friday, Jul 13, 2022

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