The Scholarship Jacket by Marta

The Scholarship Jacket

The Scholarship Jacket is short by Marta Salinas which is an autobiography short story. The Scholarship Jacket is about young Martha from Mexico city, who wants the scholarship jacket.

Each year the scholarship jacket is given to an eighth-grader with the highest grades, but this year it costs money. Martha lives with her grandparents and her grandpa believes that the jacket doesn’t mean as much if you have to pay for it.

Martha told the principal what his grandpa believes about the scholarship jacket and he makes an exception for her, and Martha gets the jacket.


The main idea in the story is that if you try hard and do good, you’ll have good outcomes eventually.

Martha’s family wasn’t that wealthy so she and he siblings never got to do sports. for Martha’s family, the scholarship jacket was our only chance for her to get the quality education she wanted.

Martha had been working her entire life for this jacket because that was the only accomplishment she thought she’d ever had.

She was a straight-A-grade student because she wanted to follow in her older sister’s good footsteps. Martha had to go back to class to ask her teacher a question but she overheard her teacher talking, ‘I refuse to do it! I don’t care who her father is, her grades don’t even begin to compare to Martha’s.

I won’t lie or falsify records,  Once Martha heard this, she thought that surely she didn’t have a chance.

she assumed that it didn’t matter how hard she tried because she came from an in-important family. Later the principal told Martha she would get awarded the scholarship jacket-but it comes with a cost.

Martha begged and begged her grandfather for the money, but he refused. Martha told her principal she was unable to pay the money.

As Martha’s about to leave, the principal calls out, ‘Okay. We’ll make an exception in your case. I’ll tell the Board, you’ll get your jacket’

Martha had worked toward this her entire life, and it finally paid off.

lesson: If you try hard and do good, you’ll have good outcomes

Martha talks about how much she wants the “beautiful gold and green jacket, the school colors”,  Imagery is shown when Martha describes the jacket in her mind. It makes you feel as if you were looking at it.

This was the one thing Martha thought she was good at, school. other times she got called “I was called ‘bean pole’ and ‘green bean’, and I know that’s what I looked like”.

She was made fun of for not being the prettiest or most popular girl. She wanted to prove she was the smartest though.

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