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we take pride in helping deserving students get a scholarship, and also part-time online income opportunities and internships. Putting students into some of the most prestigious universities is not the only goal we have, but we also make sure that students are able to get skilled and earn scholarship credits right from their first year in the university, part-time.

So we are a higher education platform, we stay with the student throughout their academic life right from building the application, applying to the colleges, training them, and providing online income opportunities and internships.


Must have genuine relative transcripts and certificates

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1. Firstly, we will help you build your application. We counsel our students rigorously and understand their true passion. This way we can build a strong STATEMENT OF PURPOSE for our students which increases their chances of getting a good scholarship.  Statement of purpose creation generally takes $100-$300. However, deserving students, who are found eligible for the Edoofa Program pay no charges for STATEMENT OF PURPOSE.

2. Then we send your application to various colleges for acceptance offers. Generally, an international student like you has to spend a minimum of $1000-$1500 on application forms from different universities and colleges. But students enrolled in our Education Program are able to apply for zero application fees.

3.  After a student’s form is selected, we also arrange interactive sessions with colleges to help the student decide his choice of college. After the colleges review a student’s form and select them for their courses, we help the students contact the colleges and choose their choice of course.

4.  We also provide a 50%-100% Scholarship on tuition fees. Once the student clears the eligibility for our program, we help them get a 50%-100% Scholarship. The amount of scholarship is depended on the strength of the application.

5.  Our program also includes a 3 Month of Training to help students improve their skills to acquire internships. We also provide a 3-month training program for our students to help them develop basic skills for acquiring projects and solving their problems solitarily.

6.  Then we also Help Students earn scholarship credits under our ‘EARN WHILE YOU LEARN’ program. Under this program, Edoofa has procured projects and opportunities from different companies and we have broken them down into small projects and tasks, and these tasks can help students to earn scholarship credits and these credits can help bring down fees.


Register yourself into the Edoofa Program for your free career counseling session and have your eligibility checked for the scholarship program by going to this link:


Also, watch this video to know more about the Edoofa Program.

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