CornerstoneDAO Airdrop

CornerstoneDAO Airdrop

Reward Pool 0,000 $CORN (estimated to be 1% of the total supply)For NEAR Staker

➡️Info: Cornerstone is now airdropping their governance token $CORN to users of LiNEAR. 10,000 $CORN tokens (estimated to be 1% of the total supply) have been allocated for this airdrop.

➖The first snapshot will start between July 20 to 25, 2022, and a total of 10 snapshots will be taken before Cornerstone is officially launched (around August to September)

– Create/Login Near Wallet or Use Sender Wallet

– Go to Linear Protocol:

– Stake some NEAR.

– No Minimum, Confirmed Airdrop

➖ You’ll then receive LiNEAR, the staked verison of NEAR. Hold them through the snapshots to be eligible for the airdrop

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