0vix Airdrop

0vix Airdrop

*0vix has confirmed that early users of the platform will be duly awarded with VIX tokens*.

*Steps to claim Airdrop*

Visit the 0vix App ??https://app.0vix.com/ .

Connect your Wallet. You should be switched to Polygon Network.

Now supply or borrow assets on the platform. Check Guide ??https://docs.0vix.com/core-protocol/depositing/supplying-assets

Also fill this Feedback Form?? https://airtable.com/shrBm6hrhgJZBfYVH (Mandatory).

Provide feedback in their Discord channel https://discord.gg/JA2wyCtz 

You will be rewarded with 0vix tokens upon their launch.

*0.3 to 1 matic won’t be bad to run dis since no mini or maxi*

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