Solaunch Airdrop

Solaunch airdrop

Solaunch is an IDO platform that allows early investment in crypto projects based on Solana.

STEP1: Register on their website

STEP 2: Join their discord server

STEP 3: Vote for Solaunch

STEP 4: Fill out the form after voting

*Rewards for voting*
You will get Solaunch token (SLH) incentives based on the amount of USDC you vote (a unique Discord role will also be assigned to you based on your contribution).
1 USDC = 100 SLH
2 USDC = 200 SLH
3 USDC = 300 SLH…..

*Special Discord Roles*
– Role Bronze, at least 1 USDC of total votes
– Role Silver, at least 5 USDC of total votes
– Role Gold, at least 15 USDC of total votes
– Role Diamond, at least 30 USDC of total votes
– Role Supernova, at least 50 USDC of total votes

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