EMDX Airdrop for early Users

EMDX Airdrop for early Users

Airdrop for Early Testnet users : EMDX

A snapshot ending in March the 10th, 2022 (Second Snapshot). All the addresses between the First Snapshot and the Second Snapshot, will be considered “Early Users”.

: https://docs.emdx.io/emdx/rewards



— Scroll Down
— Try All Features
— At least one transaction required. (MAX your choice)

Basically You will have to

➖ Get avax testnest chain
➖ Get avax testnest coin from. https://faucet.avax-test.network/ for gas
➖ Get 1000 USDC you will use to trade on the beta testnet exchange here https://faucet.emdx.io/
➖ Visit https://app.emdx.io/ to unlock your token and start trading
➖ Complete at least 1 transaction

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