PIL airdrop for opensea users

PIL airdrop for opensea users

We are ??????????? $??? tokens to everyone who has listed NFTs on opensea or LooksRareNFT

Follow the instructions below:

1. Quote RT this tweet with #GetPilled
2. Fill this form – https://1w0fpqb43il.typeform.com/to/atdbozf1?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=airdrop2&typeform-source=t.co

?? Please enter the URL to your listed NFT on Opensea/Looksrare that you want to sell. Only NFTs with listing history are accepted.This question is required

??Submit QT #GetPilled

??Select your blockchain to receive the airdrop

?? Go to Pilgrim Discord
– Send the URL to #curator-quest channel with the command.
Ex: >claim#C2 (Your NFT URL)

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