Talent protocol Airdrop

 Talent protocol Airdrop

⏭️ Get Talent $TAL Tokens + NFT

? Join here : *https://beta.talentprotocol.com/sign_up?code=SUP-d2d9038666f61c8a*

– Open link on Browser
– Input Email, username and password
– Verify E-mail
– Go-to your profile (the human icon at the top right corner of your screen) and connect
– Connect to TrustWallet Via wallet connect and then switch to Celo network
– After connecting Wallet,go-to your portfolio (the second icon at the lower part of your screen),there you’ll see your $TAL Tokens and NFT
– Done


– The main benefits for users this season are:
Access to a closed and safe environment to experiment with social tokens
– Earn a higher amount of ?Rewards in $TAL;
– Talent accounts receive $200 worth of their own talent tokens when they launch;
– Access to $TAL token at a discounted price.

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