Brough Sanskrit Awards 2023 scholarship for Africans

Brough Sanskrit Awards 2023

Deadline: 18 March 2023

This year there are 3 awards of up to £1,200 for SOAS postgraduate research and master’s students who use Sanskrit in their work and will use the funds for research activities such as fieldwork trips (e.g. to manuscript libraries, etc), or conferences and workshop attendance.

Eligibility criteria

(i) The funding is for students who use Sanskrit in their work.  Evidence of this should be provided in your application.

(ii) We cannot normally hold an award over into the next academic year if a candidate does not make the trip or attend the conference or workshop when intended: a re-application has to be made.

(iii) For research degree applicants only – Overseas fieldwork is normally undertaken in the second full-time year and cannot normally be undertaken in the first year of enrolment or during the last year of the student’s prescribed enrolment period. Exceptional requests for fieldwork in the third full-time year are subject to the approval of the Associate Dean of Research.

Successful candidates must be transferred to Ph.D. status and had their fieldwork formally approved by the School before they can claim their award.

Research degree students on Continuation (Writing-up) are not eligible for fieldwork/workshop awards but may apply for conference funding.

(iv) Any student accepting a Brough Sanskrit award for fieldwork, workshops, and conferences must be enrolled (i.e. full-time, part-time or study leave status) for the academic year in which he/she applies and for the academic year in which his/her award is taken.  In addition to this, research degree students on Continuation (Writing-up) may also be eligible to apply for conference funding.

(v) The student must submit a brief report, signed by the supervisor, to the Scholarships Officer within one month of the end of the fieldwork visit, conference or workshop.

(vi) Retrospective applications for a Brough Sanskrit Award will be considered but will not be given priority.

(vii) If you have already had a Brough Sanskrit Award, you can be considered for another award in a different academic year.  If you have already had a Brough Sanskrit Award, you may not apply for a Fieldwork Award or the Doctoral School conference funding. If you have already had a Fieldwork Award or conference funding from the Doctoral School, you may not apply for a Brough Sanskrit Award.

(viii) For conference funding, priority may be given to students who have been invited to present a paper at the conference.

Application deadline

It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit a complete application by the deadline. Incomplete or late applications will be deemed invalid.

Application procedure for Brough Sanskrit Awards 2023

Please apply online via the online application form.


One reference from your supervisor OR Course Convenor/Dissertation supervisor is also required.

The reference form will be available for download from the download box at the top right-hand corner of this page.  Please use the one titled “For Conference or Workshop – Brough Sanksrit award reference form” if you are applying for conference or workshop funding.  Please use the one titled  “For Fieldwork – Brough Sanksrit award reference form” if you are applying for fieldwork funding.

Please forward a copy of your application and the reference form to your supervisor. DEADLINE for your referee to submit the reference to 18 March 2021 – 15:00 UK time

It is your responsibility to ensure that your referees submit their references on time. LATE REFERENCES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

A complete application form will consist of:

1. The online application form.
2. One reference from your supervisor or Course Convenor/Dissertation supervisor.
3. For Research degree applicants only, if you will use the funds for fieldwork and the fieldwork is to be taken in the third full-time year then permission from the Associate Dean of Research must be submitted to by the deadline.


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