Here is a list of word that is most commonly misspelled by many people, find the correct way to spell it and the wrong ones.

1. Privilege (not: priviledge or privelege)
2. Separate (not: seperate or seprate)
3. Bouquet (pronounced: /bukei/
4. Occasion (not occassion or ocassion)
5. Rendezvous (pronounced: /rondivu:/
6. Embarrass (not: embarass or embarras)
7. Diarrhoea (not: diarrhea)
8. Diary (notebook)
9. Dairy (relating to animal husbandry)
10. February (not: Febuary)
11. Connoisseur (not: conoisseur)
12. Chauffeur (not: Chaufer)
13. Manoeuvre (not: manovre)
14. Mischievous (not: mischivious)
15. Catalogue (not: catalog)
16. Theatre (not: theater)
17. Haemoglobin (not: hemoglobin)
18. Programme (not: program)
19. Sceptic (not: skeptic)
20. Grievances (not: grieviances)
21. Maintenance (not: maintainance)
22. Encyclopaedia (not: encyclopedia)
23. Meagre (not: meager)
24. Plough (not: plow)
25. Humour (not: humor)
26. Labour (not: labor)
27. Travelling (not: traveling)
28. Equalled (not: equaled)
29. Counsellor (not: counselor)
30. Argument (not: arguement)
31. Grateful (not: greatful)
32. Corps member (not: corper)
33. Diaphragm (not: diaphram or diafram)
34. Committee (not: commitee or comittee)
35. Pneumonia (not: nimonea)
36. Cologne (not: colone)
37. Etiquette (not: etiquet)
38. Pronunciation (not: pronounciation)
39. Psalm (not: Sam)
40. Asthma (not: asma)
41. Depot (not: depo)
42. Accommodation (not: accomodation or accommondation)
43. Hippopotamus (not: hipoppotamus)
44. Commission (not: “commision or comittion)
45. Catarrh (not: cartagh)
46. Uplift (not: upliftment)
47. Guitar (not: jitar)
48. Turn coat (not: torn coat or thorn coat).

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