Take free NFTs from Myria

 Take free NFTs from Myria

Myria is a gaming blockchain ecosystem based on Myria’s solution to scale Ethereum L2 with zk-rollup technology.

The project was founded by veterans of the gaming and blockchain industry, who came from Ubisoft, Riot Games, EA, Blizzard Tencent and others. The company launched the first NFT collection, which it makes free especially for early followers. You can take Alliance Sigil NFTs that are part of the Myriaverse universe. Each NFT will have unique properties and usefulness.

? How to get it?

Open site https://myria.com/sigil/?code=92fc1bbd-f7e6-4673-a45f-b3bcf74bcba7 ?

– Connect Metamask, for those using phone do it on kiwi browser what desktop site
– Choose a fraction
– After that, a table with tasks will open to you.
– Next you will be able to pick up the first NFT – by clicking on Claim Now.
After the Claim, you can find it in the inventory, but the full release of the token on your wallet is promised later
– Total you can pick up 6 NFTs and 2 mystery chests

⏰ Deadline: July 31

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