Osmosis LPs MantleDrop is now claimable.

Osmosis LPs MantleDrop is now claimable.?

? With the MantleChain live, the $MNTL tokens reserved for eligible Osmosis LPs are now available to claim.

? Claim here: Airdrop.assetmantle.one

To claim your Osmosis MantleDrop, complete the following during the 60-day claim window:

? Initial claim (30%)
? Stake (10%)
? Provide Liquidity to Mantle Pools on Osmosis (20%)
? Vote on a Governance Proposal (10%)
? Mint Mantle Verified NFTs (30%)

⚠️ Note: eligible users will have the opportunity to complete the additional claiming steps during the 60-day claim window (after TGE).

Stay tuned to our social handles to be the first one to know when these steps are available.

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