SunFlower Land ⚡Get 1 LAND NFT

SunFlower Land ⚡Get 1 LAND NFT

?Before You Start , Create New Wallet & Deposit 2$ Matic On Polygon Network

?Install Kiwi Browser Or Use PC & Set-Up , Metamask Wallet & Add Polygon Network

?After Completing All Steps , How To Claim Your NFT :

?Go to

?Join Discord :

?Connect Via Discord (Open Beta)

?Choose Your Charity And Create Your Farm

?Pay 1$+ In Matic Fees

?Congratulations! You have just minted your very own Farm NFT. This NFT gives you access to the game and also holds all of the resources you earn.

?Marketplace :

?Floor : 0.002 ETH ( 6$ )

?By Playing Games , You Will Earn $SFL Token ? !!

?Check Guide Here & Play 2 Earn Some $SFL Token :

⚠️DYOR , Before You Invest Any Amount

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